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Are you considering adding to or changing your ERP, ecommerce platform, integration tools, or other business operations systems? 

Harness the power of automations and integrations to grow your top & bottom line, maximize financial performance,  and streamline operations.

By integrating cutting-edge AI and system synchronization, we offer the expertise of a full-time CTO to boost your existing team. Ready to scale effortlessly? Let’s talk.

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Optimize your critical business processes for a smooth and integrated workflow.

Automated Order Processing

Automatically assign orders based on warehouse locations, stock availability, and delivery routes.

Streamlined Inventory Management

Minimize stockouts, optimize warehouse space, and enhance supplier relationships.

Instant Financial Reporting

Integrate new sales transactions and inventory adjustment with your financial dashboard for real-time reporting.

Scalable Sales

Implement intelligent sales systems that instantly leverage customer data and insights to identify opportunities and eliminate bottlenecks.

Top-Tier Customer Service

Give your customer service team the data they need to create happy customers—including histories, delivery statuses, and inventory queries.

Get Ready for Rapid Growth

Leverage a scalable infrastructure that can adapt to future challenges and opportunities.

Advanced Business Technology, Ecommerce, and Integrations

Our average client enjoys:


reliable financial reporting


hours saved annually through automation


reduction in data errors*


reduction in error resolution time*


Three-year average return on investment (ROI)*


Up to 75% reduction in development timelines*

This is perfect for you if...

You’re ready to break through growth ceilings with integrated solutions for increased sales, complex operations, and workforce expansion.
You want to reduce manual work, eliminate bottlenecks, errors, and inefficiencies for smoother operations and scalability.
You need real-time financial insights with seamlessly integrated accounting, sales, and inventory systems.
You want to reduce costs by automating tasks, eliminating redundancy, and minimizing errors.

In just a couple of months...

Your business has evolved into a seamless powerhouse—swift order processing, precise customer interactions, and soaring sales.

What our clients say

From the scoping, to diagramming out our system architecture, to implementing the solution - Benji has very strong attention to detail. His team is extremely professional and offered valuable solutions to our projects that we needed their technical support on. Executed on all promised deliverables and have seen sustained performance from each implemented solution since project completion.
Taggart Spenst
MeatEater, Inc.
When I was fortunate enough to connect with Benji about 10 years ago, he truly saved our operations. We were in a tight IT spot, and with very few prospects for assistance. His willingness and ability to take on a massive OS upgrade in addition to modifications of our customized software was second to none.
Ruth Olofson
Investment Software
Systems, Inc.
Benji is an incredibly good listener and problem solver. We’d hire him in a heartbeat for problems that are over our skillset. No internal employee could spearhead or execute the task we needed to get done. Benji is the for-hire assassin. His skills and attention to detail is extraordinary.
Phillip Curry
Benji was able to tackle any challenge we threw at him, and help us understand the mechanics of his solution. He provided accurate timelines for his work and executed as promised.
James Trombley
Knowing that I have Benji in my corner is a very important part of my business. I know that whenever I have issues, it is quickly resolved.
Dave Penrose
Penrose Environmental
Our data is easy to find, our hardware is up to date, and I know our customer data is safe and secure from cyber threats. Benji’s staff has always been helpful, responsive, and there when I needed them. We highly recommend his services.
Marvin Thomas
Swannanoa Cleaners

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Schedule a consultation today and discover how we can streamline your operations, fulfillment, and sales.

We work with...

E-Commerce, Retail & Wholesale

Automate order fulfillment, streamline customer service, and integrate seamlessly with online sales channels to drive growth and customer satisfaction.

Finance & Investment

Streamline financial operations, investment tracking, and regulatory compliance for venture capital, private equity, financial services, and accounting firms.

Energy & Resources

Facilitate production and distribution processes, manage billing and invoicing along with asset management and regulatory compliance.

Real Estate & Property Management

Aid in property management, lease administration, financial accounting, and tenant relationship management for real estate companies.

Transportation & Aerospace

Systems optimize maintenance scheduling, inventory management, and supply chain coordination.

Manufacturing & Engineering

Optimize production processes, supply chain management, quality control, and track logistics in real time.

Infrastructure & Utilities

Manage asset lifecycles, track maintenance schedules, optimize resource allocation, handle billing and invoicing, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Hospitality & Food Service

Streamline inventory management, supply chain coordination, and customer service in restaurants, food production, and food & beverage industries.

Are you struggling with order fulfillment? financial clarity? unhappy customers? systems for scaling? integrating software? customer inquiries?

Are you struggling with

order fulfillment? financial clarity? unhappy customers? systems for scaling? integrating software? customer inquiries?


Feel familiar?

You’ve hit a growth ceiling with your current systems and realize you need integrated solutions to manage increased sales, more complex operations, or an expanding workforce.

Your current patchwork of software requires too much manual work, leading to bottlenecks, errors, and inefficiencies that hinder growth.

You can’t get real-time financial insights due to disconnected accounting, sales, and inventory systems—and need a unified view to make informed decisions.

Your customer service team struggles with processing orders and responding to customer inquiries, negatively impacting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

You’re ready to embrace a digital transformation to stay competitive but require expert guidance to navigate the complex process of selecting and implementing an ERP system.

You’ve been let down by technology solutions or consultants in the past and are looking for a reliable partner who can understand your needs and deliver effective solutions.

You want to reduce operational costs by automating tasks currently done by employees, eliminating redundant work, and minimizing errors.

We specialize in optimizing technological infrastructure and operations for multi-million dollar companies just like yours.

How We Streamline Your Operations and
Put Your Business on Autopilot

How it works

1: Design

First, we’ll take a deep dive into your objectives, challenges, and existing tech stack so we can design a custom solution for you.

2: Develop

Then, our development team will build out the solution, including coding, testing, and debugging.

3: Deploy & Integrate

We’ll deploy the system within your business and work with your team to ensure smooth adoption.

4: Optimize

We’ll continue to monitor and evaluate your system to keep it running smoothly and identify opportunities for improvement.

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What We Do

Advanced Business Technology Engineering ™


Customized e-commerce solutions to meet specific business needs.


Seamless integration strategies to optimize business operations.

ERP Solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning software setup and integration.

Fractional Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Consulting

  • Extensive experience in navigating complex technology landscapes.
  • Strategic partnership with leadership to foster innovation and enhance customer experiences.

*Based on a study of companies who deploy Celigo, the software we use: Case Study