About Us​

Hey there! I’m Benji, and I’m the guy behind the scenes at Good People Technologies, where we’re all about crafting top-notch, integrated tech solutions for high-performance e-commerce companies. Imagine a world where your business operations are smooth as silk, fulfillment is a breeze, and you’ve got real-time financial insights at your fingertips—that’s the magic we create.

For over a decade, I’ve served as the Chief Technology Guru for a variety of high-growth product and service based businesses. My approach involves simplifying complexities and breaking down problems into manageable components to enhance performance. I thrive when presented with a tech challenge, and providing businesses with effective solutions that propel them forward is my specialty.

When I’m not busy ensuring your business tech operations run seamlessly, you can find me somewhere on a river or a trail in the mountains of western North Carolina, where I live with my wife and our 2 dogs.

Celigo Level 4 “Legendary” Certified Partner

We are proud to partner with Celigo- the leading enterprise-wide automation company with a unique process-centric approach to enable organizations to discover, automate, and optimize business processes at scale.

Healthtech Space is a collective of dedicated individuals and organizations striving to cultivate an ecosystem conducive to healthtech innovation in North Carolina.